Join us in anchoring Light into the global love and gratitude grid

  • Raise the vibration of Wells and Water Systems
  • Transmit love and gratitude via communication towers, and water systems

 Through your assistance in anchoring this grid, you become more conscious of your surroundings and ability to transmute and Transmit energy to benefit all

By taking part in this process,  you will become part of the consciousness of this grid




  •  Know with your I AM presence that you are a creator, and it is your inherent right to co-create a world of higher vibration and light

  •  Holding a space of *Love & Gratitude in your heart, Simply visualize a column of Light (from Source, Creator, God) into and through our intended source **object, and anchor that Light into the Earth

  • Connect this column of Light with all others in this consciousness grid of Love and Gratitude by visualizing a line connecting with others in the grid

 *To connect to the Global Love and Gratitude Grid, you cannot come from a place of fear (example- "I must transmute this harmful energy") rather the process must be met with true Love and Gratitude for it to stick 


**Electrical systems are not compatible with this Grid- but luckily, the new anchoring techniques are!!  Please visit the "Anchorings" page to learn how!!!

  • By connecting these columns of light, we create a grid to consciously connect our intentions for the greatest good of all beings throughout time and space


Be sure to see the section below :) 



As Gaia was releasing old Earth Grid systems that no longer served, she adopted the Global Love and Gratitude Grid as one of the new Earth Grid systems!


The discovery of the Golden Light rod, and ancient etheric tool, found to be older than the universe itself, changed how we anchored Light Columns.  The Golden Light rod created Columns of Light which could shift geomagnetic lines, close portal/vortexes, clear timelines and realities, and clear entity attachments.  The Golden Fire and Light Wand is the physical aspect of this etheric tool. 


When the Golden Fire and the Activation of the Sacred Heart came in, it shifted Light Anchoring even more!!  Now the Anchors of Light bring through a much higher frequency and vibration.  This affects water in profound ways, as well as humans, plants, animals, and the Earth.  With these new Light Anchors, we no longer have to rely on any grid systems to hold them.  Simply create the Light Column, and it will stay for as long as is needed, if not indefinitely!! 


With the advent of the 5G millimeter wave, and all the ill effects it caused, we found the Golden Fire added to the Light Columns, was the only thing transforming this 5th Generation communications transmission.   


Creating Light Columns has just gotten easier, and more profound!!  With the newest Light Anchoring process was created for the 7-year anniversary of the Global Love and Gratitude Grid.   Introducing Light Anchoring 3.0!  This profound activation and attunement will bring through the Sacred Heart Activation for the one anchoring the Light Columns, as well as those who enter these new Columns of Golden Fire and Golden Light!!!